GFI Notify

  • Services starting at $69 including the SmartPlug!

  • Includes monitoring services for all licensed Plugs.

  • Monitors your GFI circuits, other circuits and Whole House Power Loss,24/7

  • Notifies you within 5 to 6 minutes

  • Alerts up to 3 contacts of the power outages by email and text

Keeping you informed, saving time and money

Smart Plugs

Dual-Band (2.4 + 5GHz) Smart Plugs are included with GFI Notify System purchase for easy installation!

Can detect GFI outages, power outages to any monitored circuits as well as
Whole House Power loss

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GFI Notify:
Why Do You Need It?

It is the best Power Outage Notification System!

Many freezers, refrigerators, sump pumps, and aquariums are plugged into electrical outlets that could be GFI circuits, which are typically found in garages and basements. If you are home or thousands of miles away and not aware that the GFI has tripped, that loss of power can be disastrous. Wouldn’t it be great to have a power outage alert? Every year, households lose thousands of dollars in spoiled food and suffer losses when their GFI outlet unknowingly trips. We’re on a mission to change all that!  

One-time payment for the App including the Smart-Plugs! 
(Additional monitored circuits are available for purchase)

FREE Shipping! No Sales Tax (except in AZ)

How Does it Work?

With GFI Notify, once installed, you will receive a power outage notification via email and text within 5-6 minutes when a GFI trip occurs, giving you plenty of time to take remedial action. Notifications will also be sent if any additional monitored circuits lose power.  Up to 3 contacts will be notified at the same time. With GFI Notify, you will be notified if just a single circuit has lost power or if the power is out to the entire premises.

Please Note: GFI Notify can monitor any electrical outlet (or circuit), whether it’s a GFI outlet or not, and will provide power outage detection and notification. Even for a dedicated circuit, having a power failure notification can be important. If the power to an aquarium, for example, goes out, being quickly notified will be extremely important. And, you will also be notified when the power comes back on.

One-time payment for the App with 1-Pack, 2-Pack and 4-Pack options!


“I wanted to let you know that GFI Notify just saved me at least $150 – $300 in groceries that were stored in my garage freezer. My freezer was out of power again (GFI outlet had to be reset) and immediately got the notification which saved the day. I happened to be away for a business lunch, but was able to let my wife know to reset the outlet. If you need any endorsement on your website, please let me know. You need to promote GFI Notify to anyone with a garage freezer.”

Charles MClifton, NJ


“You have a terrific product! The best solutions are often the simplest ones (not trying to recreate the wheel) and for you to build your technology around a high-quality, off-the-shelf smart plug is a excellent move.”

Robert GPhoenix, AZ


“Thanks for you quick and awesome support. The $500-ish worth of meat in my freezer feels safer already.”

David GHouston, TX

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