GFI Notify – Why Do You Need It?

Because it provides the best

Power Outage Notification System . . .

Many freezers and refrigerators are plugged into an electrical outlet that could be on a GFI circuit, typically found in garages and basements.

If you are home or thousands of miles away and not aware that the GFI has tripped, that loss of power to a freezer or refrigerator can be disastrous. Wouldn’t it be great to have a power outage alert?

Every year, households lose thousands of dollars in spoiled food when their GFI outlet unknowingly trips.

We’re on a mission to change all that!

With GFI Notify, you will receive a power outage notification via email and text within 3-4 minutes when a GFI trip occurs, giving you plenty of time to rescue your food by taking remedial action. Up to 3 contacts will be notified at the same time. 

And now, as an extra bonus, you will receive with your order two FREE SmartPlugs. With both plugs, GFI Notify will be able to determine if just your GFI outlet has tripped or if the power is out to the entire premises.

Install, and you’re done!

GFI notify on computer

Now, for a limited time, get TWO FREE SmartPlugs included with your order!


(detect a GFI trip)

(detect whole house power loss)

 Simple Steps to get a Power Failure Notification

  • Order the GFI Notify App. Included will be two free SmartPlugs manufactured by Meross. (You can also order any additional smart plugs you may need, but, unless they are for additional GFI circuits, they will not be monitored by GFI Notify).
  • Install one FREE included SmartPlug intended for your GFI circuit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Set up your Meross account with a Username and Password for access now and in the future. (We have an excellent YouTube video for this installation if needed).
  • Install the 2nd FREE SmartPlug intended for a non-GFI outlet. Simply tap on the “+” sign in the upper right on the Meross mobile App and follow the steps shown. (We also have an excellent YouTube video for installing additional SmartPlugs).
  • If ordered, install plugs for additional GFI circuits, if any.
  • Finally, using the GFI Notify Desktop Application, you just link the installed smart plugs to the App and make the designations. Then, just input up to three cell phone numbers and email addresses you want to get notifications when your GFI outlet trips or your entire house loses power. (You will also be notified when power is restored.)
  • Note: any outlet that you designate as a GFI outlet, whether it’s actually a GFI outlet or not, will be monitored by GFI Notify; you will receive notifications. For example, you might want to monitor a heated aquarium or other critical equipment.
Diagram of Freezer or Refrigerator connected to GFI Outlet

When the GFI trips, electricity to all outlets
in series is also off. When that happens, you definitely need a Power Failure Alert like GFI Notify!

If your GFI circuit fails or your entire house loses power, you will get a notification within 3-4 minutes.

Have questions? Read our FAQ

GFI Notify is very low cost assurance that provides reliable Power Loss Notification

Just $49 – a one-time investment!

And for a limited time, receive TWO FREE SmartPlugs

Using GFI Notify, notifications begin within 3-4 minutes when a GFI circuit trips (loses power) or your whole house (or business) loses power, even if you are thousands of miles away.

You can be assured that you will be notified within 3 to 4 minutes if your GFI trips or your entire house loses power.


Using GFI Notify, notifications to your designated contacts begin within 3-4 minutes when a GFI circuit trips (loses power) or your whole house loses power, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Notifications include: several text messages and several email messages for up to 3 different contacts.


With these notifications, you can take remedial action to save perhaps a thousand dollars or more worth of food. The time it takes to install GFI Notify will pay for itself many times over and provides peace of mind.

Here’s How It Works

Our GFI Notify Service works in conjunction with the Meross SmartPlugs included FREE with your order. We require that you use these WiFi SmartPlugs because we have extensively tested this plug and have had consistently excellent results with no false alarms. Our price for plugs for any additional GFI circuits or for general “smart home” usage is extremely competitive.

You will first install the SmartPlug(s) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then you simply go to SmartPlug Notifications. Your installed SmartPlug(s) will automatically be there. All you need to do is decide who will receive the notifications when power is out and restored.

The entire process is very easy to complete. If needed, we have some YouTube instructional videos.



You can be assured that you will be notified within 3-4 minutes if your GFI trips.

TWO FREE WiFi SmartPlugs
included with your order

Wifi SmartPlug


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Please Note: GFI Notify can monitor any electrical outlet, whether it’s a GFI outlet or not, and will provide power outage detection and notification. Even for a dedicated circuit, having a power failure notification can be important if you are very far from home. If the power to a freezer or aquarium, as examples, is out for several hours, being notified will be extremely important. You will also be notified when power comes back on.

Want more info? Read our FAQ!