Protect Your Business

GFI Notify can save your business time and money

Saving the Food in your Freezers

Alerting you within 6 minutes so your food doesn’t spoil.

Saving the Fish in your Aquarium

Owning a business can be hectic and stressful. Dealing with turbulent weather, electric companies, and power outages can add to that stress. With the GFI Notify System, it can put your mind at ease! 

The GFI Notify System can save you time, money, and headache by alerting you when the GFI outlet trips or the power is out. Only a one-time $69 payment and monitoring services support is yours! 24/7 year round! Our system notifies you within 5 to 6 minutes of the GFI trip, so you have time to save your food, freezers, or tanks.

While alerting you to the power outage, GFI Notify can also send up to 3 contacts an alert by text and email about the outage. So, if you are out of town, you can contact someone to help take action.

GFI Notify not only works for the household, but for businesses wanting to be prepared for the worst.

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