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Order GFI Notify which includes TWO FREE SmartPlugs.
You can also order extra SmartPlugs at a discount.

GFI Notify and SmartPlugs

GFI Notify

(including 2 FREEĀ WiFi SmartPlugs)

*Note: GFI Notify can monitor several SmartPlugs on your premises. So, you may want additional SmartPlugs if you have more GFI outlets to monitor or for other purposes (see below).

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Original price was: $89.00.Current price is: $69.00.


SmartPlug for additional GFI Plugs


Add SmartPlugs for Additional GFI Circuits

If you have additional GFI circuits, you can monitor these with extra plugs.

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General SmartPlug


Add SmartPlugs for General Smart Home Usage

Discounted Smartplugs for general “smart home” purposes like turning lamps or a coffee maker “on” or “off.”

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