Whole House Power Loss

GFI Notify Can Also Notify You
When Your Entire House Loses Power

SmartPlug a diagram

Remember that two SmartPlugs are free with your order. The first SmartPlug should be plugged into the GFI circuit that you want to monitor where you have a freezer, refrigerator, sump pump or other crucial device plugged in. Call this SmartPlug A.

SmartPlug a diagram
SmartPlug B diagram

The second SmartPlug (SmartPlug B) should be plugged into a non-GFI electrical outlet somewhere else on the premises. (This second SmartPlug must always be switched “on”) The GFI Notify App will monitor both SmartPlugs to give you pertinent information.

For example, if you receive a notification from both smart plugs that power has been lost, you can conclude that power to the entire house has been lost and the GFI did not trip. When power is restored to the entire house, both smart plugs will report the restoration through the GFI Notify App. Please note that for the case where two or more plugs are reporting a power loss, the notification time has been intentionally set to about 3 minutes to avoid a false alarm such as your intentionally rebooting your router, for example.

If, on the other hand, SmartPlug A monitoring the GFI circuit reports a power loss while SmartPlug B monitoring the non-GFI outlet does not, you can conclude that only the GFI outlet has tripped and you need to take remedial action.

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