Here is what customers have to say about GFI Notify

I wanted to let you know that GFI Notify just saved me at least $150 – $300 in groceries that were stored in my garage freezer. My freezer was out of power again (GFI outlet had to be reset) and immediately got the notification which saved the day. I happened to be away for a business lunch, but was able to let my wife know to reset the outlet. If you need any endorsement on your website, please let me know. You need to promote GFI Notify to anyone with a garage freezer.
Charles M

Clifton, NJ

You have a terrific product! The best solutions are often the simplest ones (not trying to recreate the wheel) and for you to build your technology around a high-quality, off-the-shelf smart plug is a excellent move.
Robert G

Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for you quick and awesome support. The $500-ish worth of meat in my freezer feels safer already.
David G

Houston, TX

The GFI Notify system detected my first GFI outlet trip on my outdoor patio freezer where I usually keep my stock of frozen fish. The email and text notifications worked flawlessly. I was able to reset the GFI outlet. Great job!
George J

Seattle, WA

We are very happy with GFI Notify and have greater peace of mind when we are not at our lake home that everything is working properly. Previously, we had a bad experience with our lake home refrigerator/freezer when the circuit breaker for that outlet tripped, apparently shortly after we left. With no electricity for 2 weeks, the refrigerator and freezer reeked from spoiled hamburger, moldy bread in the freezer, solid sour milk chunks and other spoiled food. What a smelly mess to clean up! It was then that we decided we needed an alarm system to notify us of a power outage. Our electrician suggested that we check online and we found just what we wanted in GFI Notify. We didn’t want it to be too expensive and had to be able to alert us on our cell phones of power outages. We easily installed 2 smart plugs, one on each refrigerator/freezer we have at the lake. The instructions were quite complete and easy to follow. We programmed each plug as GFI outlet plugs, which they are not, to send notifications for either appliance. The notifications have worked excellently. We are very glad we purchased GFI Notify. We no longer need to fear a power outage when we are not there. We recommended GFI Notify to a friend of ours who also bought it for his lake home. We are very satisfied customers.
Wayne R

Comfrey, MN