Whole House Power Loss

GFI Notify Can Also Notify You
When Your Entire House Loses Power

SmartPlug a diagram

The monitored smart-plugs that come with your purchase can be plugged into any circuit you wish to monitor. In the event that all of your devices become unresponsive at the same time, you will receive a “whole house” power-loss notification.

SmartPlug a diagram
SmartPlug B diagram

When any of your monitored smart-plugs become unresponsive, you will receive a separate alert notifying you that the device has lost power. When multiple plugs become unresponsive at the same time, you will receive a single notification letting you know which devices became unresponsive, and the time in which they stopped responding. This is also true when the power comes back on.

The GFI Notify system is a sophisticated software service that keeps track of each of your devices, and we work to reduce “false alarms” by checking up on your devices multiple times before reporting that they are unresponsive. When one or more of your devices become unresponsive, a single alert will be sent, showing you which devices have lost power. If all of your devices go offline at the same time, you will receive a separate notification letting you know of a “whole-house” power loss. GFI Notify keeps you informed, without monthly monitoring fees!

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