If anyone is experiencing a false alarm, that is, you are getting a power out notification from GFI Notify that isn’t correct, it is most likely due to a fluctuation in your wifi signal.
I didn’t realize that such fluctuations are common until I read this article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-boost-your-wi-fi-signal/

If your wifi signal is off or very low and not communicating with your smartplugs, you will get a notification from GFI Notify that there is a power outage. If both GFI and non-GFI plugs are installed, the notification will be that the whole house has lost power.

The article above describes several ways to correct this problem. One simple way is to locate the plug closer to the router, if possible. Remember that there are several outlets in series with your GFI outlet, so choose the one closest to your wifi router. The non-GFI plug can be plugged in quite close to your router. If the GFI plug is still too far away from the router, it might be necessary to utilize a wifi signal booster; they are not very expensive.

Another possible remedy is to choose another 2.4 Ghz channel on your router (do not use 5 Ghz). There are usually several. There’s a chance that a different channel will help eliminate the interference that may be causing the wifi signal fluctuation. To change the channel, you will need to log into the router as the Administrator. Check your manual how to do this.

I have not personally experienced false alarms. One plug is about 25′ away from my Motorola combined modem/router. The other is about 65′ away. My Motorola model is MG7540.

Hope this helps if you are experiencing this problem.