GFI Notify will notify up to 3 contacts by email and text messages within 4 minutes after a GFI trip. That’s very good information to have especially when you are far from home. Knowing that, you can take remedial action.  But, it’s really just as important to know if your entire house has lost power.  Using the 2nd FREE plug you will receive with your order that you will plug into a non-GFI outlet anywhere in your house, GFI Notify will send notifications to all your contacts within 4 minutes of that whole house power outage.  For example: assume that you are very far from home and that the power goes out to your entire house because of some problem that your local power company has. Maybe a transformer has failed or some car broke a power pole.

Say that the power company is able to fix the problem and restore power 8 hours later.  When you return home, everything seems normal; the lights are on in your refrigerator and freezer. But, in those 8 hours, all the food in your refrigerator spoiled and the food in your freezer warmed up and then re-froze. Without knowing that, your family eating the tainted refrigerator food could suffer food poisoning; eating the partially thawed, then re-frozen freezer food might also cause some serious problems.

Knowing about the whole house power outage and also being notified when power is restored can provide peace of mind for only a one-time investment of $49 which includes  two FREE smart plugs.