Many of our customers want to monitor power outage at more than one location. They may have a beach house or a condo that they occasionally visit. The good news is with the purchase of GFI Notify for the one-time investment of just $49, power outage alerts from many locations can be monitored. It does require, of course, that each location have a wifi router. You simply install smart plugs there using the same Meross account User Name and Password as used at the “home base”. All your installed plugs, no matter the location, will appear in your account.

Of, course, you need to purchase additional smart plugs for each separate location. The 2 FREE smart plugs that come with GFI Notify are assumedly used at your home. We suggest buying 2 smart plugs for each additional location. With 2 plugs, you can monitor a GFI power loss by itself or whole house power loss. And, GFI Notify also sends notifications when power is restored. All notifications are sent via email and text to up to three of your contacts.