GFI Notify can function as a Power Loss Alarm  for any electric outlet that you want to monitor. For example, if you have a heated aquarium plugged into a regular outlet, you would want to know when that outlet loses power. Because, when that happens, the heater will be off and the aquarium will begin to cool down.  If you have expensive, exotic fish in the aquarium, that is not good.  That outlet can lose power for a number of reasons: perhaps the circuit breaker has tripped or the local power company has cut off power. Although these are not likely to happen, why take a chance of not knowing?

All you need to do is plug our smart plug into that outlet. And, even though it is not a GFI outlet, you simply designate it as a GFI outlet in your account. Then, if the power should fail for any reason, you and up to three contacts would be notified by email and text within 4 minutes.  GFI Notify provides very low cost assurance that your fish will be protected.

So, any outlet you want to monitor, whether GFI or not, can be monitored; GFI Notify will provide an alert when that outlet loses power.