In a previous posting, I talked about how important it is to know when your entire house loses power due to some failure at your local power company. When this happens while you are away from home, the food in your refrigerator and freezer will begin to get cold. A refrigerator without power will last only 4 hours. After that, all the food will spoil; you definitely do not want to eat it. You and your family members could get quite ill.

You might be saying that this is a very rare event and couldn’t happen at your house. But, let me tell you this: I have been getting an average of 3 calls each week from people all over the country telling me that the power is out in their neighborhood; they want to know when the power will be back on. Unfortunately, when they Google the words “power outage”, our company, GFI Notify, appears in their Goggle search. I suppose that they should be calling their local power company, but they do not.

Google presents responses that it feels are most related to the search words being used. So GFI Notify is high on the list because we send out email and text messages within 4 minutes following a power outage whether due to a GFI trip or when the entire house loses power.

The point I want to make here is that whole power failure may occur more often that you might expect. With the 2 FREE smartplugs that come with GFI Notify, you can have Pease of Mind and have assurance that quickly notified when that happens.
Whether power loss is due to a GFI trip or a problem with your local power company, you will know within 4 minutes. You will also be notified when power is restored.