Several of our customers have generators outside their homes. When there is a power outage in the entire house, many of those generators automatically come on very quickly; some as quickly as 30 seconds after detecting the power outage. If this is a second home or if the homeowner is on vacation and far from the home, knowing that the outside generator is being utilized is important information to have. When that generator is running, its fuel, generally propane, is being used up. If the generator is on for a long time, it may even run out of fuel. Knowing when the grid power is restored is equally important.

How can GFI Notify provide useful information when this happens? One of our customers has a great solution. He has an electrical outlet that is directly connected to the outside generator. So, if that generator is off, that outlet has zero voltage; when that generator comes on, that dedicated outlet has 110 volts. Here is how it is utilized: The smart plug from GFI Notify is first plugged into any outlet in the house when the power from the local power company is on. That plug is then removed from the live outlet. Note: that outlet is designated at a GFI outlet even though it is not, so notifications can be sent. When removed from the live outlet, GFI Notify will send power out notifications 20 minutes apart for 1 hour. After removal from the live outlet, that plug is plugged into the outlet dedicated to the outside generator. When that generator comes on, a power restored notification will be sent. So, when that happens, the owner will know that the generator is running.

If the local power subsequently comes on, and the generator-dedicated outlet has no power, a notification of power out will be sent. So, GFI Notify solves that problem of knowing when that outside generator comes on and then stops.