Most countries in the world use 220 volts for their electric power. Here in the United States, the voltage feeding most homes and buildings is also 220 volts. That voltage is used to power very large items like central air conditioning, hot water heaters, electric stoves and jacuzzies. However, almost everything else runs on 110 volts. These include lamps, toasters, coffee makers, computers, etc. Therefore, whereas 220 volts enters the home’s electrical panel, there are several 110 volt circuits that branch off into different areas of the premises. Each circuit will have its own circuit breaker. In previous times, fuses were used and can still be found in many older homes.

Because of the requirements of the National Electric Code, certain areas of one’s home must also use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFI) outlets. These areas include places likely to have water or dampness near by. So, in addition to the main circuit breaker for a particular circuit, the GFI outlets, which are very sensitive circuit breakers, provide additional protection against accidental electrocution. Areas that require GFI outlets include garages and basements. Because they are so sensitive, the GFI outlet can easily trip (lose power). Even a close lightning storm can trip a GFI outlet. If you have a freezer or refrigerator plugged into an outlet that is in series with the actual GFI outlet, they will lose power also. That means that food in those appliances will begin to get warm or defrost. If you are far from home and don’t know about that loss of power, you can lose several hundred dollars worth of food. That’s where GFI Notify comes in. With GFI Notify, you will be notified within 4 minutes of that power loss so that you can take immediate remedial action.

Sometimes, your entire house can lose power. This is usually due to a problem with your local power company. Perhaps an outside transformer blew up or someone’s car knocked over a power pole. This doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. Look what happened in Texas; most homes there lost total power. Knowing this is very important if you are far from home. Fortunately, GFI Notify provides this whole house power outage notification as well. This process is explained at: 

Why is it important to know when your whole house loses power? When that happens, even if not on GFI circuits, your refrigerator will begin to get warm. Within 4 hours, all the food will spoil. Your freezer, if half full, will last 24 hours. But, all the food will begin to defrost. Let’s say you didn’t know about that whole house power loss and the local electric company restored the power 6 hours later. When you return home, everything seems OK. But, most of that food is most likely tainted and could cause sickness if consumed.

With the GFI Notify app, you will receive 2 FREE smart plugs. With both of them, you will get notifications within 4 minutes of a GFI trip or if your entire house has lost power. You will also be notified when the power is restored. Now, this is where the 220 volts comes in: The smart plugs we use will work on both 110 volts and 220 volts. If your country uses 220 volts, our GFI Notify system will work great. All you will need is an adapter to accommodate the difference in the pin configuration.

Unfortunately, we do have to add a shipping charge to countries other than the US; typically less than $15. But, for the one-time charge of $49 for the GFI Notify app which includes the 2 free smart plugs, you will have great assurance and total peace of mind that when the power fails and you are far from home, you will be notified within 4 minutes. Order now at: